Poster Info

We invite abstracts for poster presentations in the conference. Please submit your abstract prepared using the Template (downloadable from the symposium website) in MSWord (a maximum of 250 words, single-line-spaced, Arial font size 11; title, authors & affiliations should be included) format.
Please send poster abstract(s) (will be included in the conference book) via e-mail to Prof. Carmelo La Rosa ( by July 9, 2017

Three Best Poster Awards

We plan to award the three best posters based on the following evaluations:

1) Your performance in the poster presentation during the scheduled poster sessions. Specifically the quality of your research, your presentation quality (includes your ability to motivate, narrate the project, engage the audience, and address questions), and the organization of the poster will be scored.

2) ONE-minute oral presentation: Give an oral presentation of your poster within 1 minute using a single power point slideon Wed 4:10pm. Your 1-minute presentation is expected to include a combination of the following aspects: significance of the project, questions/hypothesis addressed, uniqueness of the approaches used, key findings and their relevance to amyloid diseases, and overall take home message(s). Please email your single PPT slide (to ) by July 25, 2017. Your slide will be uploaded in a computer and be ready for your presentation during the competition.