Thursday, August 3 Morning

Morning Session IVa: In Cell Amyloids

Chair: Y.Miller

9:00-9:05 Opening Remarks


NMR spectroscopy and more in cellular and neurodegeneration and protection

Christian Griesinger, Max Planck Institute, Gottingen, Germany



Amyloid fibril polymorphism in vitro and in vivo

Marcus Fändrich, Ulm University, Germany

9:55-10:20 Pancreatic islet and diabetes mellitus: an overview.

Salvatore Piro, University of Catania

10:20-10:45 Proteasome Malfunction, Aging, and Amylin Misfolding: A Dangerous Pancreatic Trio

Aleksandar Jeremic, George Washington University



Coffee Break

Morning Session IVb: Amyloid Inhibition

Chair. C.La Rosa



Inhibitors        of         paradigmatic   amyloidogens:             recent result for beta2-microglobulin.

Rino Esposito, University of Udine, Italy

11:40-12:05 Amyloid Inhibition as Mapped by Solution NMR

Giuseppe Melacini, McMaster University, Canada

12:05-12:30 NMR-based identification of new ligands and inhibitors of amyloid oligomers

Cristina Airoldi, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy

12:30-12:35 Closing remarks


– End of symposium –

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