A.Y. 2019-2010 - New MSc programme 'Chemical Sciences'

At the Department of Chemical Sciences it is beginning with the next academic year (A.Y. 2019-2020) the NEW Master Degree in CHEMICAL SCIENCES (CHEMICAL SCIENCES MSc), organised in 4 Curricula: BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY (web site), CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS AND NANOTECHNOLOGIES (web site),ORGANIC AND BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY (web site),INDUSTRY, ENVIRONMENT AND CULTURAL HERITAGE (web site).


Why the Master Degree in Chemical Sciences at the Department of Chemical Sciences (DSC) of Catania University:

  • Our 'Chemical Sciences' MSc programme will provide an excellent foundation for any kind of career of scientific leadership in academia and industry.
  • DSC is committed to excellence and to providing the highest quality postgraduate education and researcher experience.
  • You will benefit from our links with industrial scientists who regularly visit DSC to give presentations.
  • You will undertake a research project embedded within one of our internationally-leading research groups, and supplemented by specialist lecture courses.
  • You will develop transferable skills that will improve your career prospects, such as project management, team-working, advanced data analysis, problem-solving, preparing and presenting oral and poster presentations, critical evaluation of scientific literature, advanced laboratory and computing skills, and how to effectively communicate with different audiences.
  • Career prospects: career opportunities include the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, from bench work and instrumentation to regulatory affairs, health & safety, and intellectual property/patents. Research-related jobs usually require a PhD, for which this programme provides an ideal preparation.

Publication date: 05/12/2019