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Muccilli Vera



email: v.muccilli@unict.it

Telefono: 095 7385029-5041

Ubicazione: Corpo D

Ricevimento: Ogni giorno previo appuntamento

Graduated in Industrial Chemistry in 2002 at the University of Catania. In 2006 she obtained the PhD in Chemical Sciences from the same University with a thesis on the application of mass spectrometry to the characterization cereal proteins. During the PhD course she worked in Cantoblanco (Spain) on the determination of gluten in celiac foods. In 2006 Italian Chemical Society-Mass Spectrometry Division awarded her as young researcher in mass spectrometry. In 2015 she received her Postgraduate Specialization Degree in Clinical Biochemistry from the University of Catania.  Her research activity is mainly devoted to the application of mass spectrometry to structural characterization of molecules and macromolecules with particularly interest in food sciences. The scientific production is documented by 36 full papers on peer-reviewed international journals and more than 80 communications presented at national and international conferences.


    Chimica Organica I e Laboratorio (mod. 2)



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