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Grasso Giuseppe



email: grassog@unict.it

Telefono: 5046

Ubicazione: Edificio 1 Corpo A - piano terra

Ricevimento: Mercoledi ore 10-12 previo appuntamento via email

Dr. Giuseppe Grasso graduated in Chemistry at University of Catania in 2000 and then studied in the UK at the University of Nottingham, where he obtained the PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2004. He is currently a Researcher at the University of Catania. He works in the field of metalloproteases and other proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases by using different experimental techniques such as mass spectrometry, surface plasmon resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance. Particularly, he is interested in elucidating the role that metal ions and oxidative stress have on regulating biomolecular mechanisms that are involved in neurodegenerative diseases. He has spent  9 months (October 2015-June 2016) in Philadelphia (USA) to work in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease as a Fulbright Research Scholar


    Chimica Generale e Inorganica, Corso di Laurea in Scienze Biologiche



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