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D’Urso Alessandro


Alessandro D'Urso

email: adurso@unict.it

Telefono: 095 7385095

Ubicazione: Corpo A - piano 1°

Dr. Alessandro D’Urso is a researcher of Chemical Science Department in Catania University. He got a PhD in Chemistry in 2010 from the Chemical Science Department of Catania University under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Purrello with project Hierarchy in the self-assembly of supramolecular multicomponent systems. He is author of 30 papers published in international journals, in 2012 he got national grant FIRB 2012 (RBFR12WB3W) Spectroscopic and Structural Characterization of Proteasoma Inhibitors. From 2012 he belong to the Guidance team of the Reaxy Club. In 2013 he joined a board of directors of Young Group of Italian Chemical Society.

2012: Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Columbia University, Chemistry Department in the lab of Prof Koji Nakanishi and Prof. Nina Berova

2011: a tree week’s period spent to the Barcelona University, working on porphyrins aggregation processes, in the Professor J. Ribò laboratory, supporting by Italy-Spain EU action (cod. IT09A7FBFG).

2010: invited research assistant at Doane College Chemistry Department, as supervisor of students of professor Andrea Holmes.

2010-2012: Post Doc at Department of Chemistry, University of Catania, with Professor Roberto Purrello as supervisor.

2009: visiting scholar at the University of Wyoming Chemistry Department, with supervisor professor Milan Balaz, working on project: chiroptical sensors for Z form of DNA.

2006-2007: winner a scholarship with Consorzio Interuniversitario di Ricerca in Chimica dei Metalli dei Sistemi Biologici, with research project “Spectroscopic study of Z-DNA/anionic porphyrin interactions”.



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